The cost of orthodontic treatment varies from one person to the other and starting as low as $1000 for basic cases. It mostly depends on severity of case and the number of aligners or type of appliances needed for the length of treatment. In the first appointment, after evaluation of your teeth and jaw we can provide you with a comprehensive estimate of the cost of your treatment based on the amount and type of teeth movement required. For your convenience, we can arrange a no interest payment plan. On average, this allows you to pay as low as $200 at each appointment.

Prior to start of treatment, we provide a written breakdown of all costs to make sure every aspects of treatment and cost is disclosed. By providing this written document, we assure that there is no surprise or hidden fee.

In general. The cost of Invisible clear Invisalign is comparable to the traditional braces and in some cases it is even lower than braces.

Most extended dental coverage benefits with ortho plan cover the cost of Invisalign. As a complimentary service, we do all the paperwork to deal with your insurance on your behalf. This includes obtaining approval from your dental coverage carrier and sending monthly bills to them.

We accept cash, Visa, Master Card, and Debit Card as method of payment.