Braces Vancouver Invisalign offers full range of orthodontic treatment such as braces, Invisalign and orthodontic appliances as well as orthodontic retainers. We also provide cosmetic dentistry in addition to orthodontic treatments to create the optimum smile design.

Emergency Service

Our Vancouver office provides variety of emergency services for orthodontic braces and Invisalign patients. This includes;

-Replacement of broken or detached brackets.
-Replacing elastics
-adjustment to sharp and loose wires.
– Replacement of lost Invisalign 

. […]


Invisalign consists of a series of clear aligners that moves your teeth to a perfect position with no need to have wires and braces in your mouth. Aligners are designed and fabricated using computer. Computer analyses the path of movement and let us view the end result before the treatment even starts.

The course of treatment involves changing aligners approximately every 



We offer both Invisalign and traditional braces in our office.

Braces are attached to teeth for the period of treatment. They can apply more movement to back teeth. These are mostly used for people who need to correct their back teeth or need more extensive treatments like jaw surgery or multiple extractions. Due to difficulty to brush or floss teeth during 



Early Age Orthodontic Treatment

It is important to address and prevent teeth misalignment at early stage of teeth and jaw development. For kids, having some basic  orthodontic treatment can reduce more treatment in adulthood. Book an appointment. We accept patients as young 7 years old.[…]

Invisalign Quick

For those whose teeth shifted after previous braces treatment or the ones who needed minor to moderate movement, Invisalign Quick is a fast and economic way to move teeth. The treatment can be done within 3-5 months at the fraction of the cost of braces.[…]

Invisalign Teen

Invisalign Teen designed specificly for teenagers to align teeth with clear aligners, same as usual invisible aligners but with more safeguard features.

Aligners come with indicators that shows the proper usage of invisalign clear aligners. It also offer replacement