Braces & Invisalign Emergencies

Our Vancouver office deals with variety of braces and Invisalign Emergencies. This includes;

-Replacement of broken or detached brackets / braces due to trauma as a result of sport or having hard food.
-Replacing elastics
-Adjustment to sharp and loose wires.
– Replacement of lost Invisalign attachments
-Replacement and repairs to fixed and removable retainers.
-Irritation to lip and cheeks due to sharp aligner edge or wire
-Replacement of lost ligatures off braces after eating food.
-Protruding wire
– Any other braces and Invisalign emergencies.

Please be advised that some situations are not considered emergency. For example feeling pressure or pain after adjustment of braces wire or receiving new elastics is normal and as teeth move, the pain and pressure would be reduced.

Temporary Monitoring of Braces or Invisalign

We also provide ongoing orthodontic services such as monitoring and adjustment of elastics for out of town patients. Many people relocate to Vancouver for a short period of time. Moving for work or studying in the middle of your orthodontic treatment can be challenging as you have no access to your dentist to monitor your treatment. Our office can monitor you until you go back to see your original dentist or orthodontist. If you are travelling and staying in Vancouver for few months, you may still need to do adjustment or change elastic on your brackets. For these cases, we follow the braces or Invisalign treatment planned by original dentist to make sure your treatment would not be on hold while you are staying in Vancouver.

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