There are many brands of “Do It Yourself” aligners advertised in the market. They are widely advertised through TV and social media. The fact is that while these ads run by marketing companies which are really good in what they do, marketing, they can not replace the treatment that is offered by a professional such as dentist or orthodontist. 

Be cautious that moving teeth is more than just putting pressure on a tooth and hope for the best. Some factors such as size and orientation of teeth root and type of movements should be assessed by doing thorough examination and evaluating X-rays prior to planning the type of movement and forces required to do so. This needs a face to face consultation and can not be done properly remotely. 

One common sense is that you should rely on professional knowledge to do any changes related to your heath and your body. Moving teeth without the right supervision and ignoring the bio mechanic that is unique to each person’s need can result in irreversible damages such as root damage or gum recession and in worse case scenario, tooth loss.

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