Aligner Technology

Aligner technology is the most recent and modern way to move teeth and to apply orthodontic movements to teeth. While many companies have been developing  the aligner technology, Invisalign is the most used aligner with lots of researches in the market. From treatment planning to manufacturing aligners, Invisalign uses computer and virtual 3D modules to make it happens.

Invisalign has provided treatment to about 10 million people around the world.

How Aligner Technology works

The Invisalign system is using a series of custom-made aligners for each patient. Each aligner from start to end is unique for each patient on each stage of their treatment. From computer software that allows us to plan, design and move each single tooth to mass manufacturing of aligners, the technology is going to replace older methods as it improves year after year.

Aligner Technology Virtual Modeling Software

Invisalign software, also known as clincheck is designed to used different modules to move teeth virtually on computer. This allows dentist to design and view the teeth movement. It is also a nice tool for patient to see the outcome even before starting treatment.

We use the software is 3D which means we can move around the teeth model on screen to view from different angles. The software offers nice tools such as measuring tools with ability to predict the bite in order to see contact points on each tooth.

Manufacturing of Aligners

Aligners are manufactured using computer to layer the aligners over 3D model of teeth. The process is automatic which allows printing of mass custom-made aligners.

Automated machines then trim and pack each aligners ready for shipment.

Smart Track Material

This material developed by Invisalign company is a special flexible plastic which can constantly move teeth as planned. It’s behavior allows fast yet gentle teeth movement.

Smart Force

Smart Force technology uses variety of shape of attachments to move teeth more predictable in the direction designed by dentist. These are small attachments which create better engagement of aligners and right direction for forces.

Smart Staging

This is a programming tool in the software that plans sequence of each movement for each tooth. This optimizes the largest amount of movement in the shortest amount of time. It also keeps the movement safe and predictable.