Teeth Spacing

Teeth spacing is a condition that front teeth have big space and gap between them. If the total size of teeth is less than jaw size, teeth get spaced out and teeth spacing occurs.

It is normal for kids with baby teeth to have gap between them. This actually help them to have straight teeth once permanent teeth replace baby teeth. permanent teeth are bigger and wider than baby teeth and this space accommodate this size difference.

In adults however, this may effect on persons self confidence. It may also results in more food trap between teeth requiring immediate flossing after each meal.

What is causing teeth spacing?

There are many reasons causing spaced teeth such as;

  • Bad habits in childhood: Thumb sucking is a habit in kids where they suck their thumb frequently. Another habit is tongue trusting which is when tongue keeps pushing on front teeth. Both of these conditions can push front teeth forward causing the gap.
  • Having small teeth or big jaw.
  • Missing teeth: when a tooth is missing, the adjacent teeth may move to it’s space resulting in space between teeth.

Why should you treat spacing with Invisalign or Braces?

Spacing between teeth can make more food to trap between teeth after each meal or snack. The cosmetic and health consequences as a result of teeth spacing can affect on gum health and social life of person. Closing the space can improve look and health of the person.

At Braces Vancouver Invisalign, we have treated many patients with spacing as quick as 3-5 months using Invisalign.